What's the Reservations training like?


What's the investment?

We're keeping it as simple as possible: $275 for each hotel for a period of 2 weeks, and you can train as many team members as you like!  If you need a different length of time or have a large portfolio of hotels, contact us for a custom quote.


How do we get started?

  1. Fill out the hotel/management information below and click "buy now" to get started ASAP (after you purchase, you'll still get to select when you'd like your 2-week training period to start).  Or, you can email or phone Cindy Ott (cindy@prosolutions.net, 407-758-6317) to discuss the particulars and get an invoice sent. 
    Hotel or Management Company:

  2. Distribute the training link and password to your team members and verify their successful completion by receiving the quiz summary email(s) from us.
  3. Continue to support your team as they apply what they learned while assisting your customers.  Perhaps discuss one training concept per week at line-up or via email.  And if you have not already, start or resume a mystery shop program, as our updated evaluations incorporate these same COVID-19 techniques.

Key Video FAQs

  • How will my team view the video?  The video will be supplied to you as a link to a website where your team will see instructions and be able to stream the video.  They can view this website from anywhere; all they need is the link and the password to view the page.
  • How will I know they've completed watching the video?  At the start of the video, each learner will be required to enter their name and email address.  Then, at the completion of the video, they will answer the quiz questions, and you will periodically receive an email summary listing each person's score.
  • What about taking notes during the video or using it as a reference later?  On the web page where they stream the video, your team members will have the option of downloading a PDF version of the training with screenshots and notes that they can use while watching the video and for later refreshers.